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Diabolists are magical practitioners who specialize in using demons and other dark powers to achieve their goals.

Demons (or devils  /  angels  / devourers of creation) are a broad category of extraplanar beings who are all involved in a great project to destroy the mortal plane. Their individual methods of achieving this goal allow diabolists to place them in broad classifications referred to as "Choirs".  This pamphlet is for those interested in diabolism and for diabolists who want to use their first-hand knowledge in character when playing tabletop role-playing games with their friends. Regrettably, experts in the field may find the choir descriptions not in-depth enough to "really" understand what they are about, as well as notice the omission of choirs that can bring danger to those who read their names. 

A zine for people, this is a multi-system TRPG supplement for Troika!Electric Warlocks, and 5E. Regardless of the system being used, the content of the zine is universal in its descriptions of the dark powers that reach from the abyss to dismantle our world.  

With rules for your RPG characters to summon and bind demons, overviews on demons' abilities and broad categories, as well as options to play characters who closely interact with demons

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I feel like I got mugged by a wizrad, and they shoved a photocopy of their grimoire in my pocket.