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If you’re already bored of this pandemic (or very concerned and looking for a distraction) and you like RPGs, have you considered an RPG about a plague? This print at home tabletop RPG is easy to just pick up and play and allows you to take action in a medieval world plagued by, well, a plague, without ever having to leave your home! Exist within a realm where the four humours theory of medicine is alive and well - as ineffective as it is - and try to keep your humours balanced while dealing with the chaos and problems that arise when there’s a plague on. Inspired by games such as Blades in the Dark by John Harper, Ironsworn by Shawn Tomkin, and Apocalypse World by Lumpley Games, but this pamphlet is all you need to get started right away. Here’s to hoping we can all find the humour in this situation.

Leggings available at; 


Custom Roll20 character sheets (Still being developed);https://github.com/Roll20/roll20-character-sheets/tree/master/So%20there's%20a%20plague%20on

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TagsPbtA, plague, Tabletop role-playing game, weird, zine


Buy Now$4.27 USD or more

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