A journey to the Night World after your death
Bet on Star Horses at the Space Track
Everyone gets a magic ring
Fake sport dice game, mini ghost RPG interludes
Rules-Light Cyber-Fantasy Mission Facilitation System
An everchanging neon city that reflects the otherworldly denizens within
A Supplement zine for Electric Warlocks
An Electric Warlocks zine for administrative space adventures
A ttprg zine for doing very little.
A game about not bein apart of it for "What Is So Cool About Jam"
A Six Player Cyberpunk Game About Getting What You Want
Six adventurers in the dark
A Six Player Competitive Storytelling Game
A role-playing game about finding the humour in a pandemic.
A playing card powered table top wizard simulator.
Draw your sword and meet in honorable combat.

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Electric Warlocks - Extended Universe